Thousand Years (McDonald, Smith, Mark)

(spoken) Matthew 10:16

We will travel near and far

As mild as dovres, as wise as serpents

Apostles of the word we are

We follow light of yonder star

Into danger we are going 

Dust and heat, we walk on fire

Doing deeds and seeds we've sown

We open eyes from the lies

Can you see the stars of Heaven?

Can you feel the power surging?

Shining brightly steel and metal

Thousand year-reign of the Lord

Earthly ways are not our kingdom

We take orders from Another

Speaking truth and bringing freedom

Hear the call of our Father

On we go into battle

Fearless now, we counter devils

Lives are lived for Him that made

And He never will forsake

Second coming is proceeding

Justice and a great awakening

Evil cast down into fire

Chains of truth, Jesus has won!

Can you see the stars of Heaven? 

Can you feel the power surging?