Blinding the Darkness 

Music and lyrics by Keith Smith 

verse 1 

Bless the night, Fear in sight 

Hear the roar of the crowd 

The earth will shake, And in its wake 

Forces cry out loud 

verse 2 

Blinding light, Will pierce the void 

Hail Thy Holy Name 

An ancient curse, To be destroyed 

Bless thy mighty flame 


Blinding the darkness 

We are victorious 

Blinding the darkness 

Our enemies will be nothing but dust 

verse 3 

Inverted worlds, Cursed in shadows 

Where all time stands still 

Breaking silence, Of our triumph 

Metal works that kill 

verse 4 

Back to life,An ancient right 

A journey for all 

Breaking Free, From below 

Your hell without walls 

Mirroracle Music, 2016 © (ASCAP)