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2020, Angelic Warlord interview with Tim McDonald 

There are plenty of reasons you might like the idea of making Inside The Mirror, the summer of 2016 sophomore release of Nashville, Tennessee based Oblivion Myth, a priority purchase... devotees of the hard music scene are certain to see the appeal to the compelling songwriting, accomplished lead vocals, proficient musicianship and professional production...  Inside The Mirror is not so much the best album I have heard in 2016 (at least up to this point), but perhaps the best album I have heard in the past several years... I esteem Inside The Mirror to such an extent that if I had delayed writing the article by several months I would easily have included it- and changed the title to The ELEVEN Best Albums Of The Past Ten Years in the process!  ” - Angelic Warlord, Your Christian Metal & Hard Rock Resource

Album Review

The first time I experienced the power metal awesomeness of Oblivion Myth™ I was driving into town and heard the guys on 102.9 fm playing tracks from their debut album and I was truly blown away. A year later Oblivion Myth, Killing Grace and Halcyon Way sold out not ONE but TWO shows together in their hometown of Nashville and recently myself and the guys in Killing Grace and Oblivion Myth played another highly successful show in Memphis, TN @ the legendary Stage Stop. If you've never seen them you won't ever forget it when you do, and if you've never heard them, rush out and pick up a copy of their latest release"Inside the Mirror", you will LOVE this cd and you will LOVE this band, one of my favorites!  ” - Matthew Dee Edmondson, Lead Singer for KILLING GRACE on Red Arrow Records

— Band Review

Oblivion Myth's "Inside The Mirror" makes the Music City live up to its name. Uniquely created with a big and wide mix of energy!  ” - Shelby Kennedy, Tunecore VP Entertainment Relations

— Inside The Mirror Album Review

I love these guys! Their music is powerful and moving. I have had the pleasure of seeing them in concert many times. This new album carries the power of their live performance with a very masterful recording. Awesome!  ” - Pastor Bob Beeman, Sanctuary International

— Inside The Mirror Album Review

This is an impressive solid album. And it feels like an album, which I really like! Favorite track..."Between Light and Shadow". A bright future awaits this band.  ” - Pat Donahoe employee for Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave)

— Inside The Mirror Album Review

Oblivion Myth return with their magnum opus "Inside The Mirror" A Powerful & Majestic slab of classic metal that scorches with the heat of a thousand suns. A must have for any metalhead!  ” - Mike "The Big Cheese" Catricola, The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show

— Inside The Mirror Album Review

I really admire what you guys do.  ” - Mick Percy, of the NWOBHM band Battleaxe

— Band Review

Check out Oblivion Myth, you can't beat it.  ” - Mike "The Big Cheese" Catricola - The Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show

— Band Review

War Child is kick-ass with that typical ancient Metal heavy chugging undertone and pounds and pounds of guitars tearing up the sky with classic riffage.  ” - Niek Elferink - Death Metal Baboon

— Band Review

It seems like EVERYONE wants to hear Oblivion Myth  ” - Tony Stone - The Local Buzz on 102.9 FM WBUZ Nashville, TN

— Band Review